The most direct translation of this concept is "food of the earth". Terroir is a French term used to describe the unique flavour imparted to food or drink by a region's specific climate, soil, weather and growing conditions.

We chose "Cuisine du Terroir" as our concept for Joy Road Catering because to us it means food with a strong sense of place.


Whether we're preparing a gourmet alfresco vineyard dinner, designing a customized menu for an exclusive event, Okanagan Wedding, or baking fine French pastries for the Farmer's Market, we use only the freshest, locally-produced seasonal ingredients available.

Join us for our Early Bird Spring dinners at Gods’ Mountain Estate
$99 Our long table features & celebrates; wild foraged foods, bee keepers, Upper Bench creamery & Unearthed farm

To experience a true taste of the Okanagan, join us for an intimate, multi-course vineyard dinner at God's Mountain Estate starting on Mother’s Day.

Our 2019 season Winemaker Dinner Series will be held on select Thursday evenings. This is a rare opportunity to meet, and glean knowledge from some of our favourite local vintners.

We look forward to celebrating the bountiful Okanagan with you this summer!

Cam and Dana

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